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Happy Birthday Big Jay! Cheers to 92 years!

Happy Birthday Big Jay! Today, Cecil James McNeely would have been 92 years young! & for that, we celebrate him and what that means to our family! Can you imagine this cat at 92, still blowing his brains out?! We want to take a few moments to remember father Jay.  Big Jay was not big on birthdays or any holiday for that matter because he was a devout Jehovah Witness. This mean that he did observe any holidays outside the Memorial of Jesus Christ. So what did Big Jay do for his birthday every year you might ask? Well, not much lol. The family always tried to do something nice for him but he would always answer us back w/ a...

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The Last Honk

It was a quiet morning. September 16th, 2018. Just around 6:45am when I woke up to my mothers (Jacquelene Jay McNeely) voice on the phone talking to the Riverside Hospital. I jumped out of bed immediately and walked to the stair case where I barely caught my mom ending her phone conversation with a "Thank You, Bye." I stared down at her from the top of the stairs waiting for and update, I had a feeling it was about grandpa. She stared back up at me, took a deep breath and with a sorrow filled voice said "He's gone." I just stood there like a deer caught in head lights for a minute, just staring at her. I must've blinked 20...

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