Happy Birthday Big Jay! Cheers to 92 years!

Big Jay McNeely George Sifuentes
Happy Birthday Big Jay!
Today, Cecil James McNeely would have been 92 years young! & for that, we celebrate him and what that means to our family! Can you imagine this cat at 92, still blowing his brains out?! We want to take a few moments to remember father Jay. 
Big Jay was not big on birthdays or any holiday for that matter because he was a devout Jehovah Witness. This mean that he did observe any holidays outside the Memorial of Jesus Christ.
So what did Big Jay do for his birthday every year you might ask? Well, not much lol. The family always tried to do something nice for him but he would always answer us back w/ a firm NO. If we we're lucky, he would somehow get booked for a gig on his birthday and would request that we all attend. There was no cake, no ice cream, no balloons, just the good ol Rhythm & Blues. This was always more than enough for us. 
Last year around this time Big Jay was gearing up for his Birthday gig which he played along side Blues Harmonica Player & Volcalist, Rob Stone. Despite his body working against him, he never missed the opportunity to do a show, because that's just who he was, the Go Go Go man! & Boy was that an amazing show! 
I spent a lot of one on one time with Big Jay and I would sometimes wonder " Man, I wonder how it feels to be 90+," until one day I got up the nerve to ask him. He told me like he would tell everybody who asked him that, " If I would have known I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself." Now, Big Jay is my grandpa and for the 26 year's I got to spend w/ him, I've never known him to NOT take care of himself. He wasn't a smoker, nor did he drink alcohol or eat foods hazardous to his health. Hell, he took better care of himself than I did. Lol Down to his oral & physical health. He was on it & helped the family stay aware and active regarding our health. 
This year, the McNeely family is asking that you take a look in the mirror and ask yourself "Am I putting myself in a position to make it to 90+ years old? Am I making the necessary sacrifices & conscious health decisions in order to be a better, healthier, happier me for tomorrow?" If not, start today, you've got time to make the change. If Big Jay were alive today he would tell you himself, he didn't make it to 90+ and still be able to blow his brains out by not taking care of himself. 
Stand with the McNeely family today and vow to make that lifestyle change so you too can see 90+.